Monday, 15 September 2008


After months of a court imposed ban, Underbelly finally screened on TV in Victoria last night.

Due to legal reasons, Victorians were only allowed to see an edited version, with one of the major characters in the first installment appearing with a pixellated face in one scene. Strangely, the same character appeared later, at the funeral unpixellated.

I won't name them here, due to the same legal reasons Channel 9 are using.

Aside from that, Underbelly is a fantastic series. Absolutely the best crime show ever. It helps that it's largely based on fact and real characters.

The next season is confirmed as a prequel. Wikipedia states that it will be based on Vince Colosimo's Alphonse Gangitano character, but in an interview on 774 the other day, I heard that it will focus on Abe Saffron and the marijuana trade in Sydney in the 1970's. Can't wait to see it - whichever it is.

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