Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tribal Politics

Why is it that people argue about politics and the choices thrown up by political parties at election time?

It's an almost pointless exercise isn't it?

For example, someone could point out ugly and irrefutable facts about one side's candidate, but the die hard supporters of that side couldn't give a shit. They will still vote for their man/woman.

The US elections are a case in point. There are huge numbers of people who will not vote for Obama because he's a Democrat, or black, or too liberal - despite the fact that McCain might die in office and Palin would be thrust into the White House by default. On the other side, most Democrat voters would vote for whoever their party put forward - whether it's Obama or Clinton or anyone else.

Argument over who is best to lead the country is pointless. Let's face it - all the candidates are talented, worthy people. It's who each "tribe" identifies with the most who will get their votes.

All that said - I don't see why people seem to be in love with Sarah Palin. She seems way too inexperienced and provincial to be the President-in-waiting.

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