Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Former PM Keating speaks about Labor's challenge ahead

From The World Today:

Keating sums up the Howard-Costello legacy and his hopes for the future.

From The Age/SMH:

The Liberals must purge the reactionaries [link]

Coalition crumbles, leaderless and lamenting - Federal Election 2007 News

Michelle Grattan in The Age discussing the plight of the decimated Liberal Party.

Coalition crumbles, leaderless and lamenting - Federal Election 2007 News

How sweet it is...

The election result was a dream come true for me and millions of other Australians this weekend. It signals the end of the mean and tricky Howard government and the end of the political careers of some of its major players - including Howard himself, and his presumptive heir.

A record-breaking win for Labor was more than I would have hoped for. If only it came with a clear Senate majority, or at least a Green balance of power there.

Watching the Liberal Party self-implode as it regroups will be fun. The ideologues will split from the pragmatists and moderates and it will take years for a united party to emerge from the ashes of this monumental defeat.

Howard's concession speach on Saturday night was the only time I've ever sensed genuine human feeling in the man. Here's me giving him a compliment... It was dignified. There you go, the first and only nice thing I have to say about his political life.

The Labor party's adoption of "Friends" - seemingly replacing "comrades" was a bit of a laugh too. Nice though. I can't imagine the Liberals ever even trying to come across as warm and fuzzy.

This is the end of Howard's cynical manipulation of society and sections of it. The end of support for sectional interests that are designed to shore up Liberal Party support and the beginning of a new era of concensus, co-operative federalism and vision for the future.

Now is the time to get behind the new government and be grateful that the country has finally emerged from it's political coma.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The PM shows himself up on The 7.30 Report

Kerry O'Brien's interview with John Howard last night was illuminating in that it was the first time that I've seen anyone in the media critically examine Howard's claims and assertions with regard to the Liberal's own supposed advantage in terms of economic management and Labor's supposed inability to manage the economy.

To mangle an old story, Howard looked like the emperor with no clothes.

Links to the video and transcript below:

The PM live with Kerry O'Brien

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John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Kevin Rudd

John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Kevin Rudd

15/11/2007 - John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Kevin Rudd

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Read the transcript.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Why do Liberals hate their own?

Compare the Coalition campaign launch with the ALP's. There to support Kevin Rudd and Labor in the campaign were all living past Labor Prime Ministers. At the Coalition launch, there was no sign of anyone associated with the last Liberal government other than John Howard himself and Downer.

This discussion at Spin Cycle shows how the ex-Liberal leaders are either more concerned with their own lives and ventures post politics or ashamed of what the party has become. No longer liberal, but right-wing conservative (in a bad way).

The Age Blogs: The Spin Cycle

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The great deceiver is in a class of his own - Opinion - theage.com.au

We've always known that John Howard and the Liberals were dishonest and hypocritical, but this piece from The Age highlights the many examples of this since his 1996 election campaign while in opposition.

My great hope is that the Australian voters don't let them get away with it one more time.

The great deceiver is in a class of his own - Opinion - theage.com.au

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Joe Bageant - Deer Hunting with Jesus

I saw an interview with Joe Bageant on 9am with David Reyne and Kim Watkins this morning and have decided to order his book, Deer Hunting With Jesus from Amazon.com.

Bageant explains to the world why huge numbers of America's poor continue to support the Republicans who's policies are clearly against their interests. It seems to boil down to under-education combined with tribal allegiances.

Read Joe Bageant's blog at JoeBageant.com

Joe Bageant in conversation with Richard Fidler on ABC Sydney
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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Income drops under WorkChoices

Interesting to read evidence today of real incomes dropping due to the Liberal government's WorkChoices laws.

Howard, Hockey and Costello have constantly told us - even lied to us in the pre election campaign taxpayer funded propaganda ads for WorkChoices - that incomes have and will go up under WorkChoices. It seems the opposite is true... What a surprise!

Joe Hockey doesn't seem to get that this is a problem. He seems to actually try to say it's a good thing towards the end of the article.

The Age: Real Wages Fall Under Howard

John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Tony Abbott

John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Tony Abbott

01/11/2007 - John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and Tony Abbott

Hilarious take on Tony Abbott's bad week. GOLD!

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Read the transcript.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Pillow talk

Coonan plays Doris Day to Howard's Rock Hudson.

He doesn't look sorry to me

So Tony Abbott apologised for his outrageous comment about Bernie Banton, the asbestosis campaigner and sufferer. Good. It's just that when I saw the footage of him claiming to have apologised, he couldn't get that stupid wingnut grin off his face. Not only that, he still had to refer to Mr Banton's "outburst" when he should have been more contrite.

Then to top it all off, this arrogant Liberal was 35 minutes late to his debate with Nicola Roxon and had the hide to swear at her when she politely chided him for having his priorities out of whack.

All in all, I'm sure yesterday is a day he'd rather forget - fortunately most of it was captured on camera for all to see.

Enough of this guy please. Hopefully we'll have a new government after November 24 and this clown can fade back into irrelevance.