Saturday, 26 May 2007

Clarke and Dawe - 5 week catch up

Clarke and Dawe: Joe Hockey

24/05/2007 - John Clarke and Bryan Dawe flag a change in the weather.

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Clarke and Dawe: poll woes explained

17/05/2007 - John Clarke and Bryan Dawe give their take on why the polls might not be working for the Government at the moment.

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Clarke and Dawe: the Budget

10/05/2007 - John Clarke and Bryan Dawe bring down their Budget.

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Clarke and Dawe: Industrial relations

03/05/2007 - John Clarke and Bryan Dawe have their say on industrial relations.

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Clarke and Dawe: exam results for Howard

26/04/2007 - Clarke and Dawe take a look at John Howard's exam results.

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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Talk Like a Pirate lessons

Video from LoadingReadyRun.

Monday, 21 May 2007

What a treat....

It is to be watching a recording of Bastard Boys in an election year. My only hope is that it reminds enough Australians of the lying, conspiring, disingenuous, manipulative and idealogically driven Liberal Government. The Howard Government has been treating the Australian people like fools for 10 years and the Australian people have lapped it up, seeming to care only for low interest rates and a supposedly booming jobs market.

The government takes credit for a strong economy when it's obvious that it's the growth in the economy of China that's fuelling the resources boom around the world and in turn, fuelling the Australian economy.

The Liberals have always attempted (always successfully) to use the interest rate bogey-man when attacking Labor. Why then are Australian interest rates higher now than they are in other western industrialised economies? It's the same as when interest rates were at 17% during the term of the previous Labor government. Interest rates at the time were 1 - 3% higher than in other comparable countries.... the same as now.... the same as always, despite who is in government in Australia. It just goes to show how the Liberal Party has been successful at misrepresenting the facts to the Australian people and getting away with it for a decade.

Remember them for what they are Australia and vote for a change of Government this year.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Why we all hate Telstra

Having been a long-time Telstra hater, this article from The Age sums up my feelings perfectly.

Telstra have been ripping us off for decades and now they are strangling the improvement of services and greedily holding on to their monopoly. Hopefully for the Australian consumer, the G9 consortium will be a success with their much cheaper fibre to the node offering at a huge dicsount on the Telstra offer.

Why we all hate Telstra - Business - Business -

The Code

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The Code
Ten Intentions for a Better World

Monday, 14 May 2007

Mr Pitiful

I've been enjoying a new American artist, Scott Monaghan who goes by the name of Mr Pitiful.

His music strikes a chord with me. (pardon the all too obvious pun!)

He's done a great job of building his profile using the internet - as far as I can tell, it's all his own work too.

He's bluesy and gravelly smooth if there is such a thing.

Welcome to the Official Mr Pitiful Site

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Optical Illusions

Here are some fun optical illusions.

Focus On The Middle Dot

Another one...

If you take a look at the picture above, it's not animated. It's your eyes that make it move. Test it out for yourself. Stare at one spot for a couple seconds and everything will stop moving, then look at the black center of each circle and it will stop moving. But move your eyes to the next black center circle and the previous one will move after you take your eyes away from it.

Maybe some clever person can explain how this works.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Nuns in a bar

Sisters Mary Catherine, Maria Theresa, Katherine Marie, Rose Frances, & Mary Kathleen left the Convent on a trip to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City and were sight-seeing on a Tuesday in July.

It was hot and humid in town and their traditional garb was making them so uncomfortable, they decided to stop in at Paddy McGuire's Pub for a cold soft drink.

Paddy had recently added special legs to his barstools, which were the talk of the fashionable eastside neighborhood. All 5 Nuns sat up at the bar and were enjoying their Cokes when Monsignor Riley and Father McGinty entered the bar through the front door.

They, too, came for a cold drink when they were shocked and almost fainted at what they saw.

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