Monday, 21 May 2007

What a treat....

It is to be watching a recording of Bastard Boys in an election year. My only hope is that it reminds enough Australians of the lying, conspiring, disingenuous, manipulative and idealogically driven Liberal Government. The Howard Government has been treating the Australian people like fools for 10 years and the Australian people have lapped it up, seeming to care only for low interest rates and a supposedly booming jobs market.

The government takes credit for a strong economy when it's obvious that it's the growth in the economy of China that's fuelling the resources boom around the world and in turn, fuelling the Australian economy.

The Liberals have always attempted (always successfully) to use the interest rate bogey-man when attacking Labor. Why then are Australian interest rates higher now than they are in other western industrialised economies? It's the same as when interest rates were at 17% during the term of the previous Labor government. Interest rates at the time were 1 - 3% higher than in other comparable countries.... the same as now.... the same as always, despite who is in government in Australia. It just goes to show how the Liberal Party has been successful at misrepresenting the facts to the Australian people and getting away with it for a decade.

Remember them for what they are Australia and vote for a change of Government this year.

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