Friday, 30 March 2007

Clarke and Dawe on David Hicks

More Clarke and Dawe hilarity. This time with Alexander Downer describing the legal process being used at Gitmo.

29/03/2007 - John Clarke, Bryan Dawe and the Hicks trial
John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on the Hicks trial.
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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Sarah McLachlan - The River

Sarah McLachlan video - Enjoy!

Legalise it vid

Warning: Coarse language.

Monday, 26 March 2007

This is good

Watch this until Sylvester catches Tweety...... then scroll down.

This was an idiot test. How long did you watch?

0-2 seconds - there's hope for you

2-5 seconds - having a bad day?

5-10 seconds - are you maybe just a slow reader?

10-20 seconds - remedial classes are nothing to be ashamed of

20-30 seconds - it is recommended that you don't breed.

30 sec-1 min - Management material

1-2 min - The equivalent of the average house plant

2-5 min - Good afternoon Mr Bush

5 min-1 hr - Dead people score in this range

1hr plus - congratulations. You have a negative IQ. To find out what your prize is, watch bugs until he finishes his carrot...

Saturday, 24 March 2007

What's South Africa doing to help it's neighbour?

When South Africa suffered under the jackboot of apartheid, the world stood up for the people of South Africa to help end the oppression by making it clear that we wouldn't deal with such a vicious government.

Now, while Zimbabwe suffers under the jackboot of the dictator, Robert Mugabe, South Africa stands by and does nothing to help the millions of desperate people next door.

With hyper-inflation, a ruined agrigultural sector, a government hell-bent on subjugating any opposition with brutal force, Zimbabweans need their big neighbour to stand up for them and make sure that Mugabe is booted out and allow a democratically elected government to start to repair the damage. Is it already too late?

Fading away in a life that is getting 1750% less pleasant

Clarke and Dawe talk to the naughty Prime Minister

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe's Thursday night segment on The 7.30 Report is must see TV.

Here's this week's chat with a naughty school boy who's "good at interest rates".

22/03/2007 - Clarke and Dawe: John Howard
John Clarke and Bryan Dawe talk schoolyard politics with John Howard.
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Thursday, 22 March 2007

How rich are you?

If you're anything like me, you live in a wealthy country and never seem to have enough money. Spare a thought for the rest of the world then...

Visit the site above and enter your annual income and see where you fit in the world's rich list.

I won't say where I was here, but I have to say that I am very surprised. It really makes you think.

Monday, 19 March 2007

The Breathing Earth - CO2 Emissions Map

This is a very interesting site where you can see a real-time representation of CO2 emissions country by country on a world map.

It's interesting to see the big industrialised countries going red every few seconds as another 1,000 tons of CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere, while the non-industrialised countries seem to take forever to do the same. It's no surprise of course, but is illuminating to watch.

Friday, 16 March 2007

NewsFutures - Trade on the outcome of events

This one's a bit of fun.

At NewsFutures, you can place trades on the outcome of events like the US Elections, French Presidential elections, sports, finance markets - all sorts of things. It's all done using play money, but if you live in the USA or Canada you can trade your play money for real prizes. Otherwise, it's just for fun.

You start off with x$2,000 and can get x$1,000 free a day to trade with.

It's like a fantasy stock market game, only with news events rather than stocks.

So, if you have an opinion, why not put your play money where your mouth is?

Monday, 5 March 2007

Rudd's Brian Burke Storm in a Tea Cup

If John Howard thinks he'll make a dent in the public's esteem for Kevin Rudd with his stupid attacks over Rudd's inconsequential meetings with Brian Burke, he's mistaken.

The Australian people remember all too well that it is he, John Howard who is a several times proven liar. There was the "Children Overboard"/Tampa affair, the "never ever" GST, the "no $100,000 university courses" statement, the perpetual interest rates lie at the last election, the reasons for going to war in Iraq, etc. etc.

John Howard never takes responsibility for himself and his toothless Ministerial Code of Conduct isn't worth the paper it's written on. If it was, most of the Cabinet would have been forced to resign by now.... and that includes the PM himself!

All these attacks on Rudd are achieving is showing what a desperate little man he is. I loved Paul Keating's description of John Howard today as "dessicated coconut". It's so apt.... he's like the piece of dessicated coconut that sticks in the back of your throat as you choke and can't dislodge it. Hopefully Maxine McKew will dislodge the lying rodent from Bennelong later this year. That is if he has the guts to run again.

I cannot wait to see the smug bastards' faces when the tide turns against them on election night.