Monday, 5 March 2007

Rudd's Brian Burke Storm in a Tea Cup

If John Howard thinks he'll make a dent in the public's esteem for Kevin Rudd with his stupid attacks over Rudd's inconsequential meetings with Brian Burke, he's mistaken.

The Australian people remember all too well that it is he, John Howard who is a several times proven liar. There was the "Children Overboard"/Tampa affair, the "never ever" GST, the "no $100,000 university courses" statement, the perpetual interest rates lie at the last election, the reasons for going to war in Iraq, etc. etc.

John Howard never takes responsibility for himself and his toothless Ministerial Code of Conduct isn't worth the paper it's written on. If it was, most of the Cabinet would have been forced to resign by now.... and that includes the PM himself!

All these attacks on Rudd are achieving is showing what a desperate little man he is. I loved Paul Keating's description of John Howard today as "dessicated coconut". It's so apt.... he's like the piece of dessicated coconut that sticks in the back of your throat as you choke and can't dislodge it. Hopefully Maxine McKew will dislodge the lying rodent from Bennelong later this year. That is if he has the guts to run again.

I cannot wait to see the smug bastards' faces when the tide turns against them on election night.

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