Thursday, 1 November 2007

He doesn't look sorry to me

So Tony Abbott apologised for his outrageous comment about Bernie Banton, the asbestosis campaigner and sufferer. Good. It's just that when I saw the footage of him claiming to have apologised, he couldn't get that stupid wingnut grin off his face. Not only that, he still had to refer to Mr Banton's "outburst" when he should have been more contrite.

Then to top it all off, this arrogant Liberal was 35 minutes late to his debate with Nicola Roxon and had the hide to swear at her when she politely chided him for having his priorities out of whack.

All in all, I'm sure yesterday is a day he'd rather forget - fortunately most of it was captured on camera for all to see.

Enough of this guy please. Hopefully we'll have a new government after November 24 and this clown can fade back into irrelevance.

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