Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Keating! The Musical

I am liking Keating! The Musical more and more, the more I hear the songs from it.

I got a copy of the soundtrack for Christmas last year and loved the songs. Then finally saw the show on ABC2 a couple of months ago. It really grew on me then.

It was great to see some of the names behind the characters - especially seeing how well Cheryl Kernot took being parodied... "my heart's in peril, Cheryl"...

Alexander Downer and John Howard were fantastic too. Howard's "Mateship" is brilliant and sums up the whole sorry mess really.

It's also great to hear Libby Gore playing some of the songs on 774ABC too. Imaging playing them this time last year. The shrill cries from the Libs about bias at the ABC would have muzzled that little exercise of free speach.

Here's "Mateship":

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