Tuesday, 8 April 2008


The Olympic Torch Relay has been disrupted by protests against Chinese aggression in Tibet. Awarding The Olympics to China was supposed to open them up and bring them towards the modern world. So far, it's exposed China as a totalitarian state that abuses its own people.

We all know that there is no freedom of speech in China. The torch relay is an ideal opportunity for Tibetans and their supporters to protest against China's presence in Tibet and the human rights abuses it carries out there.

Once the Games begin, there will be no opportunity to protest within China itself, so it's left to those around the world - in free countries to protest on their behalf. The "protest zones" to be set up in Beijing seem to be an attempt by China to appear tolerant of protest. They will be highly regulated and the Chinese that take part will be under immense scrutiny. I can only imagine what will happen to them after the Games are over.

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