Friday, 15 February 2008

A Sorry State of Affairs

There has been quite a bit of comment by the general public and some in the right-wing parts of the media (Andrew Bolt in particular) that don't seem to think that it's the decent thing for the Government to apologise to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Parliament. I don't get it. Don't these people have any humanity?

Maybe it's just that they haven't gotten used to the fact that John Howard is no longer PM, the Libs are no longer in power and there's nobody of any importance anymore who gives succour to their mean ideology.

The facts remain. Generations of Aboriginal people's lives were ruined by a government policy of removal from their families. Now it's time to say "Sorry". It's been said, now move on. If I hear one more whinging, lip-curled "don't apologise for me" comment, I'll scream. That's the whole point people... It was an apology from the Parliament for the actions of the Parliament. Everyone understands that you were not involved personally. Get over it, you mean spirited bastards!

Where Chris Pearce, the Member for Aston gets off by absenting himself from the whole thing, I don't know. Wilson Tuckey, well - he's an old redneck dinosaur anyway and why would we expect anything different to come from his bitter lips?

One of the most brilliant outcomes politically from all this is that Brendan Nelson was well and truly wedged and had to get on board (90% on board) and was made to look like a naughty school boy taken to the neighbour's house to say sorry for blowing up their letterbox.

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