Sunday, 11 February 2007

Nanny State Rules - Not OK!

Australia is an over-regulated nanny state.

Here are a list of observations about things that are banned where the bans impinge on citizen's freedoms and rights for no valid reason.

  • Smoking in outdoor areas - Why?
  • Smoking on a beach - Why?
  • No dogs on the beach - Why?
  • No gay marriage - Discrimination based on religious doctrine in a secular state is WRONG!
  • Censored internet - Censorship is BAD!
  • Random breath testing - even without a reason to suspect someone may be under the influence, they can pull you over and make you submit to a test under threat of being charged
  • Must drive under 50km/h in built up areas unless otherwise signed (even on a deserted and wide street) - Why?
  • 24 hour 40km/h zones near schools - Why?
  • Marijuana use - where's the evidence that this is dangerous for adults?
  • Removal of the unrestricted speed zones in the NT - Why?
  • Mexican wave banned at the MCG - Why?
  • Stassi-like dobbing in of litterers, water-wasters etc. - a real threat to freedom!
Is the government there for our benefit, or as some sort of supercharged killjoy on steroids?

The above list of bans and restrictions are arbitrary and have become accepted by a supine people who have over the years allowed their freedoms to be eroded.

There are many other examples I'm sure, but that'll do for now!

Is nanny right? - In Depth -

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